Lil Kesh drops the lead single, All The Way off his forthcoming project, but are we impressed with this new release?

Perhaps the beauty of the quarantine period was being in a reflective mode where we took a train down memory lane to the times we had hits from some artists.

Particularly Lil Kesh.

For days, we wondered about what happened to Lil Kesh and also praised the quality of his debut album, YAGI. Most of us thought that album could have had a longer shelf life if he hadn’t left YBNL.

So we wondered, “Where’s Lil Kesh? Why is he not releasing new music?”

Spurred by reactions and the attention, Lil Kesh promised a project and All The Way, the lead single from the EP dropped yesterday (Friday).

Listen below:-

Lil Kesh “All The Way”

Does All The Way Live Up To Its Expectations?

With so much buzz around the song on Social Media, it’s no doubt the Lil Kesh team are well equipped and ready to get back their crown that has been lost ever since he left YBNL.

So much anticipation has made so many people wait eagerly and luckily the track was released on Friday.

First listen of the song in all sincerity shows Lil Kesh is not fully ready to get back his crown because this doesn’t sound like the Lil Kesh we all fell in love with few years ago.

In a year where artists have had to scale up in terms of lyrical excellence and artistry, there’s nothing spectacular. It’s a good track but it could have been better. Yeah, there’s that feel of the old Lil Kesh that thrived 2014-2016, but the concept has been used a lot by Lil Kesh.

Same Sound, Nothing New

A trip back to the tunes he spilled during that period has some resemblance to this new release. This could tire people easily.

Maybe linking up with with another beatsmith aside his frequent collaborator Young Jonn might help—the beat for All The Way sounds like an extension of Mafo especially with the lamba-driven percussion and the woozy synths embedded.

All The Way will surely do well to last for a while but ever since Lil Kesh left the scene temporarily, there’s been a turnaround from the tracks that have dominated the music space.

The competition is indeed intense now with artists treating listeners to a variety of sounds and not the usual vibes fans might have been accustomed to.

So guys,

With All The Way, Do You Think Lil Kesh Can Get His Crown Back With This Song?

Let’s hear your opinion about All The Way

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