As everyone is over-hyping Naira Marley’s new song “Idi Oremi” stopped just immediately the song was released. Why?

Considering the nature of Nigerian music lovers, you will think a song as erotic as “Idi Oremi” will become a National anthem immediately after release but that didn’t happen to the greatest surprise of many music pundits.

The song was released on the 30th of September and today it’s almost like the song is off the streets. This didn’t happen to “Opotoyi” part 1 which stayed on the radar for a very long time.

In case you’ve not listened to Naira Marley‘s new song “Idi Oremi“, listen below: –


What Went Wrong With The Song?

Sometimes, it is not good to overdo things.

Making music is like cooking food, when you add too much of a particular ingredient, the food looses value and everyone that attempts to eat it will eventually abandon it.

This is what is happening to Naira Marley‘s new song, “Idi Oremi” right now.

Naira Marley had a lot of erotic lines he wanted to use on the song and while trying to infuse every of the lines, the song lost memorability value.

The verse 2 of the song alone is about 28 linesVerse 1 is 16 lines and Verse 3 is about 21 lines making all the lines on the song a total of 65 lines without the chorus included.

For God sake this is not a rap song, why do that much verses? As dope as the song sounds, it lacks replay value.

Sincerely, the song would have been a monster hit if it had been limited to two 16 lines verses each.

Our Ratings

Overall, we will rate the song  7/10

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