Make una no dey disguise for this matter oo.

Going by how Nigerian youths have been so united in one voice to tackle the menace of police brutality in Nigeria, it seems like there should be a youth movement that will challenge the old cargos of APC and PDP in the next general election.

From all indications, youth occupies the highest number in Nigeria’s population figure and this could just be an opportunity to liberate ourselves from corrupt and careless leaders that have been ruling us in the past.

This idea of “Youth Democratic Party” has been presented on social media to be endorsed and validated by vast majority of Nigerian youths.


You may want to ask how this party will get required funding to stand a chance against the existing political billionaires in the country.

Anyways, that is so simple, a section of Nigerian youths have suggested that if 10 million Nigerian youths contribute 500 Naira each, that will be 5 billion.

Democracy is a game of numbers, if the youths can play the number game this victory will be ours.

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This? 👇

Should Nigerian Youths Form “Youth Democratic Party” And Challenge In Next Election?

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