He went to meet a friend of his that is my colleague, to give him a list of all the males I talk to at work, thinking I broke up with him cos of one of them,

He called me 70 times every day, I didn’t pick

He sent me 20 SMS of disfiguring my face and body threats, 30 sms of death threats, 20 sms pleading for me to take him back,

He came knocking at my door, I didn’t open, he shouted at me to the hearing of my neighbours that if I don’t open the door, he’d burn the house with me inside, my neighbours flung him out of our compound,

How he eventually left me alone was when I got his elder brother’s number, reported everything to him, the elder bro then told their mum, the mum called my ex to leave that state, and start coming to Lagos, this dude actually quit his job and left for Lagos the next day, weird but a relief,

The tory plenty but I’ll stop here, this happened 4 yrs ago, I saw signs of obsession thinking it was 100% love and loyalty.

Ever Tried Breaking Up With Someone And The Person Refused? How Did It Go?

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